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You’re asking yourself why you went through all this trouble. First you worked your ar** off and took care of it like a baby and then it doesn’t even appear in first position. Not even on the first page. My website. That totally pisses me off…

Elias Lange - SEO Spezialist

Very often I hear such or similar statements from my customers. When it comes to search engines and a good ranking, most of them lack the words and the skills to get there.

To get to the Top 3 of the search results, you need experience, patience and also the ability to think outside the box. This is not always easy, but I show companies how to place business, services and products in search engines in the best possible and profitable way.

Find out more about myself and my successes and see why I am the SEO Expert whom customers and search engines trust.

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SEO Audit Checklist

SEO Audit and Website Optimization

What is an SEO Audit? Quite simply, it is a method to determine the current state of a website’s search engine optimization. It analyzes technical aspects, various On-Page and Off-Page factors and indicators in social media and the SERP positions of competitors. The goal of the SEO Audit is to optimize the visibility of a website in order to get a better position in the search results. For this I use verified industry standard SEO Tools Comparison such as FAQ Schema Generator or Core Web Vitals Comparison.

Lokale Suchmaschinenoptimierung

Local SEO

What is Local SEO? Local SEO refers to measures and optimizations that lead to an optimal ranking in the local search results of a search engine. More than a third of search queries on the Internet have a local reference and are therefore extremely important for websites, businesses and services. A better positioning can be achieved via Google My Business, selected yellow pages and reviews.

Webseitenerstellung und Landingpages

Website and Landing Pages

A Website is the business presentation and sales room of products and services and must therefore be equipped with a good CMS. Therefore, professional websites should not be based on a (mostly limited) homepage construction kit, but should be individually tailored to the User Experience and the requirements of the target group. This is especially important for a Landing Page, where a certain offer is the main focus, which is presented and advertised with a CTA-element. It ensures the simple interaction with the visitor and should lead to a Conversion.

Google Analytics und Google Search Console

 Analytics und Search Console

Google Analytics provides a website analysis, with which you can evaluate the location of visitors, their time spent on individual pages and the use of search engines, thus allowing better control of the success of advertising campaigns and search engine optimizations. In the Google Search Console you also get a lot of valuable information about your own website, such as a search analysis of the Keywords or HTML errors. In combination with Analytics the Search Console is a very powerful tool which should not be missing on any website.

Usability und Nutzerfreundlichkeit

Usability und User Friendliness

What is Usability / User-Friendliness? It means that visitors can use the website in an easy, unobstructive and intuitive way. Improving Usability / User-Friendliness is one of the most effective measures to optimize a website. If visitors find the website enjoyable, they remain on the site longer, visit it more often and recommend it to others. With good usability you can acquire more customers and generate better sales figures.



What is a chatbot? Chatbots are automated and text-based dialog systems which communicate with the user in the form of a chat without an employee being actively involved in the background (as with classic chat systems). From sales advice, support, FAQ up to very targeted marketing approaches, chat bots offer a customer-oriented interaction with visitors in real time to save time and money.



Why should you use videos? Visitors read little, only superficially skim and scan the texts on a website. Videos or moving images, on the other hand, are much more memorable because they appeal to both the visual and auditory senses. Contents, services and products can be presented in a targeted manner and captured more quickly with videos. In addition, the messages remain longer in the memory, increase the purchase readiness and also contribute to a longer visiting time on a website.

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