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Success is the achievement of set goals: The ability to transform certain intentions and knowledge into results.
Here you can find an extract of my projects and accomplishments.


froglogic - GUI Test Automationfroglogic – GUI Test Automation

froglogic is a software company in Hamburg. One of the products “Squish” is a tool for the automation of interface tests based on different GUI technologies and platforms. Another solution of the company is “Coco”, a tool for code coverage analysis of programming languages.

The company was founded in 2003 and this is how the website looked and felt. The main goal for the website relaunch was to make the website as intuitive and user-friendly as possible, to make it accessible for mobile devices (Responsive Webdesign) and also to optimize it in a search engine friendly way, so that the website is listed in the top 3 in search engines.

Tasks and Implementation

Search engine optimization (On-Page & Off-Page)
• Improvement of the user-friendliness, the design and optimization of the contents (usability)
• Website Relaunch and integration to WordPress (Theme & Plugins)
• Development of online strategies
• Implementation of a content strategy
• Analysis and tracking of conversions
• Development and management of digital marketing campaigns in the five-digit range (including Google Adwords / Bing Ads)
• Development and implementation of the Social-Media strategy (including Facebook Ads)
• Execution of competition analyses, customer research and market conditions studies
• Evaluation and implementation of new digital marketing technologies

Keyword Optimization (examples)
– gui tester
– gui test automation
– gui regression testing

“In order to get something you have never had, you have to do things you have never done before.”

Cookie Info Script - EU Cookie BannerCookie Info Script – EU Cookie Regulations Solution

A free script for the 2009 privacy and cookie policy, which requires the explicit consent of users that websites may set so-called browser cookies. The directive aims to protect the fundamental rights and privacy of the inhabitants of the European Union.

As a site operator, it is important to obtain the consent of the users to avoid warnings and legal consequences. Cookie Info Script offers a simple and free way to comply with this. The website has been programmed from scratch with Bootstrap and optimized for speed and usability.

Tasks and Implementation

Search engine optimization (On-Page & Off-Page)
Website Creation with HTML und CSS
• Implementation and Hosting with Amazon AWS and Cloudflare
Analysis and tracking
Brand development and product management
• Execution of competition analysis, customer research and market conditions studies
• Traffic / Visits of 15,000,000+ per month

Keyword Optimization (Examples)
– cookie info
– cookie info script
– eu cookie info script

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