Why I do what I do!

This is all about why I do what I do. In my view, this is one of the most important points of all, why you should hire someone for a job or a project. In a way, it reflects the one thing that someone loves to do, the driving force and ultimately the key factor for long-term success. It is the fire that burns inside you to jump out of bed in the morning full of energy and joy and go to work.

As you might have already read in Who is Elias Lange I am a person who has seen and done a lot of things. This is because I like to challenge myself and also look beyond the end of my nose. Over the years I have found that especially SEO / Search Engine Optimization interests me like no other topic. What do you do if you are interested in something? You devour all information about it, educate yourself and help others to solve their problems.

Make complicated things understandable and simple

In life many things are already complicated enough, so I help self-employed people and enterprises with questions about search engine optimization and user-friendliness. Above all, I don’t speak gibberish but explain how things and tools work in an understandable way.

Many self-employed people and companies lack success on the Internet, even though they are really good at what they offer. Unfortunately, this is almost always because their website optimization and the user-friendliness are very bad or do not exist. Visitors don’t stay on the websites or don’t find their way around, don’t order anything or don’t find offers at all because search engines only find you on the second page or not at all. A clear structure and the right contents are the way to success.

Satisfied customers

A good customer relationship is essential and the prerequisite for successful cooperation. It is particularly important to me to understand customer wishes and problems correctly in order to work together on goals and strategies. If my customer is satisfied, I am satisfied too.

Top 3

Even in a competitive market, it is possible to get into the top three of search results. That’s where, figuratively speaking, the best fruits are hanging i.e. the most visitors and the highest turnover.

Send a request and finally get to the first search results page.

What you get

– Enthusiasm for search engine optimiziation and SEO Tools
– Many years of experience and vast knowledge in this field
Successes that speak for themselves
– Happy customers

How can I support you?

Free initial consultation!