Probably the most comprehensive table of some of the best SEO tools

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an ongoing process that requires constant monitoring, testing and analysis of a website’s performance. The best SEO tools help keep track of this by monitoring ranking changes, tracking backlink profiles, identifying keyword opportunities, and more. With the many different types of tools available to webmasters today, it can be difficult to figure out which are the best online marketing tools.

Whether you’re a newbie or a veteran in the world of search engine optimization, the Best SEO Tools Comparison list offers you great suggestions of many useful SEO tools that can help you take your search engine optimization to the next level for better positions in Google and other search engines.

SEO Audit Tools

Google Search Console is a powerful free tool that provides real-time data about a website’s performance on Google. From Google search results to crawling and indexing, Search Console has everything you need to monitor a website.

The Screaming Frog is a web crawling and analysis tool that has been around since 2010. It crawls websites and then provides data about the crawl in an easy-to-read format. It is a very useful tool for SEO professionals who analyze websites on a day-to-day basis.

XOVI is another tool to do an SEO audit, discover keywords and analyze the competition. Besides, Xovi also monitors posts on social media or identifies backlinks and can also analyze a link exchange, check incoming links and much more.

Keyword research tools

Keyword research is an essential part of any SEO campaign. It can be easy to get too engrossed in a niche and lose sight of the original goal. For this, you can also find some excellent tools that can help you with keyword research so that you don’t lose sight of your goal.

Backlink analysis tools

Backlink analysis tools help compare the performance of a website with other websites. They provide insight into what works and what doesn’t on a website. Among the most popular backlink analysis tools are Moz, Majestic and Ahrefs.

Moz offers a variety of features that make it a great option for backlink analysis. The company provides access to a database of over a billion links, which helps Moz provide detailed insights into a website’s link profile. In particular, the company’s Domain Authority metric is useful for seeing how reputable a site is compared to other sites in an industry. Other features include the ability to view all links pointing to a particular site, as well as the Page Authority metric, which allows site owners to assess the relevance of a page in search results pages.

Majestic allows users to analyze key link data points such as trust flow and citation flow with its competitive intelligence suite. Users can also assess domain authority by examining the number of unique domains linking to a given URL, which can be a helpful indicator of where a page should rank in search engine results pages (SERPs). This tool also evaluates pages based on its domain authority outside of Google’s index, so it can be helpful for business owners who want an idea of how their site compares to competitors on social media or other sites outside of the search engine optimization world.

Ahrefs is a leading SEO platform that can be used to track keywords, domains and links that competitors are using. It is one of the most powerful tools in this niche and when you combine it with Google Keyword Planner, you can get a complete picture of your competition. The graphs and charts in Ahrefs display the data in an easy-to-read way and the backlink analysis tool can be used by both novices and experts. The Domain vs. Domain tool compares two websites to determine which has more domain authority. And the keyword analysis tool shows which keywords should be targeted for your SEO campaign. All in all, Ahrefs is a powerful marketing tool that should be part of every marketer’s arsenal.

Browser extensions tools

There are a number of browser extensions that can help optimize a website for better search engine optimization. These extensions can be used to find errors on web pages such as missing headings and meta description. They also provide at a quick glance all the important information about how competitor websites are structured in terms of SEO.

Tutorial: Sorting and filtering of SEO software

The best SEO tools for analysis and SEO audit

SEO tools free as well as paid are included below in the comparison table, while some Google SEO tools also have similar functionalities or are SEO all-rounders. The best SEO audit tools are obtained by searching for specific categories or keywords and then sorting the results by price or rating.

SEO Tool Comparison

Ahrefs99$/month & Trial für 7$Allround, Backlinks, Keywords, Monitoring, OnPage, ResearchWebExpert★★★★★
AdWords Keyword PlanerFreeKeywords, ResearchWebAdvanced★★★☆☆
Answer the Public$99/month & FreeQuestions, Keywords, ResearchWebBeginner★★★★★
Audisto150€/month & Free demoOnPageWebExpert★★★★☆
DeepCrawl12€/month & Free TrialOnPageWebExpert★★★★☆
Google AnalyticsFreeBacklinks, Usability, Research, StatisticsAndroid, iOS, WebAdvanced★★★★☆
Google Search ConsoleFreeOnPage, Backlinks, Research, StatisticsWebAdvanced★★★★☆
GoogleFreeKeyword, ResearchAndroid, iOS, WebBeginner★★★☆☆
Hotjar29€/monthUsability, Heatmap, StatisticsWebAdvanced★★★★☆
Hypersuggest12€/month & FreeKeyword, ResearchWebBeginner★★★★☆
Keyword Hero9€/month & FreeKeyword, StatisticsWebBeginner★★★★☆
Keyword Tool48$/month & FreeKeyword, ResearchWebBeginner★★★☆☆
KeywordMonitor14€/month & Free TrialKeyword, MonitoringWebAdvanced★★★☆☆
KeywordProFreeKeyword, ResearchWebBeginner★★☆☆☆
KWFinder45€/month & FreeBacklinks, Keyword, Monitoring, ResearchWebAdvanced★★★★★
Link Research Tools359€/month & Free TrialBacklinks, ResearchWebExpert★★★★★
Majestic47€/month & FreeBacklinks, ResearchWebExpert★★★★☆
Metric Tools18€/month & Free TrialKeyword, Monitoring, ResearchWebAdvanced★★★★★
MOZ99€/month & FreeAllround, Backlinks, Keywords, Monitoring, OnPage, ResearchWebAdvanced★★★★☆
OneProSEO9€/month & FreeKeyword, Monitoring, Position, Ranking, SERP, Search EngineWebBeginner★★★★☆
cognitiveSEOFreeAlgorithm, Google, UpdatesWebBeginner★★★☆☆
AlgorooFreeAlgorithm, Google, UpdatesWebBeginner★★★☆☆
Rank Risk IndexFreeAlgorithm, Google, UpdatesWebBeginner★★★★☆
SEMrush SensorFreeAlgorithm, Google, UpdatesWebAdvanced★★★★★
AWR Google Algorithm ChangesFreeAlgorithm, Google, UpdatesWebBeginner★★★☆☆
AWR CTR studyFreeCTR, Google, Click RateWebBeginner★★★☆☆
OnpageDoc30€/month & Free TrialAllround, Backlinks, Keywords, Monitoring, OnPage, Research, WDF*IDFWebAdvanced★★★★☆
SEOExpertler70€/monthAllround, Backlinks, Keywords, OnPage, ResearchWebAdvanced★★★☆☆
Page Speed InsightsFreeOptimization, Page SpeedWebBeginner★★★★☆
PageRangers40€/month & Free TrialAllround, Backlinks, Keywords, Monitoring, OnPage, Research, WDF*IDFWebAdvanced★★★★☆
Pingdom13€/month & FreeOptimization, Monitoring, Page SpeedAndroid, iOS, WebBeginner★★★★☆
Matomo9€/month & FreeStatisticsWebAdvanced★★★☆☆
rankingCoach25€/month & Free TrialKeyword, Monitoring, OnPage, ResearchWebBeginner★★★☆☆
Ryte früher OnPage.org100€/month & FreeOnpage, WDF*IDFWebAdvanced★★★★☆
Screaming Frog SEO Spider£149/Jahr & FreeOnPageiOS, Linux, WindowsExpert★★★★★
Searchmetrics69€/month & Free TrialAllround, Backlinks, Keywords, Monitoring, OnPage, ResearchWebAdvanced★★★★☆
semaGERFreeKeywords, ResearchWebBeginner★★☆☆☆
SEMrush100$/month & Free TrialAllround, Backlinks, Keywords, Monitoring, OnPage, ResearchWebAdvanced★★★★☆
SEO DiverFreeAllround, Keywords, OnPage, ResearchWebBeginner★★★☆☆
seobility40€/month & FreeAllround, Backlinks, Keywords, Monitoring, OnPage, Research, WDF*IDFWebAdvanced★★★★☆
SEOCockpit30€/monthKeywords, ResearchWebBeginner★★★☆☆
SEOKicks10€/month & FreeBacklink, ResearchWebBeginner★★★☆☆
ServerGuard248€/month & FreeOptimization, Monitoring, Page SpeedWebAdvanced★★★★☆
Sistrix100€/month & FreeAllround, Backlinks, Keywords, Monitoring, OnPage, ResearchWebExpert★★★★★
SiteBulb30€/month & FreeOnPageiOS, WindowsAdvanced★★★★☆
SuggestitFreeKeywords, ResearchWebBeginner★★☆☆☆
TestMySiteFreeOptimization, Page SpeedWebBeginner★★★★☆
Testomato15$/month & Free TrialOnPage, MonitoringWebAdvanced★★★★☆
Ubersuggest by Neil PatelFreeKeywords, ResearchWebBeginner★★★★★
A/B Test SignificanceCalculatorFreeA/B, Calculator, Significance, TestWebBeginner★★★☆☆
WepPageTestFreeOptimization, Page SpeedWebAdvanced★★★★☆
WikipediaFreeBacklink, ResearchWebBeginner★★★☆☆
Wortschatz Uni LeipzigFreeKeywords, ResearchWebBeginner★★★☆☆
Xenu's Link SleuthFreeBroken Links, OnPageWindowsBeginner★★★☆☆
XOVI99€/month & Free TrialAllround, Backlinks, Keywords, Monitoring, OnPage, ResearchWebAdvanced★★★★★
BrokenLinkCheckFreeBroken Links, OnPageWebBeginner★★★☆☆
DeadLinkChecker10$/month & FreeBroken Links, OnPageWebBeginner★★★☆☆
W3C Link CheckerFreeBroken Links, OnPageWebAdvanced★★★★★
GTmetrixFreeOptimization, Page SpeedWebAdvanced★★★★☆
Google TrendsFreeKeywords, Research, StatisticsWebBeginner★★★★☆
Varvy SEO toolFreeGoogle, Guideline, OnPageWebBeginner★★★☆☆
BrowseoFreeBot, Google, OnPageAndroid, WebBeginner★★★★☆
Pagesreport50€/month & FreeOnPageWebBeginner★★★☆☆
Seitwert7€/month & Free TrialBacklinks, Keywords, Monitoring, OnPageWebAdvanced★★★☆☆
Seolingo10€/month & FreeBacklinks, Keywords, OnPage, WDF*IDFWindowsAdvanced★★★☆☆
Siteliner FreeBroken, Content, Links, OnPageWebBeginner★★★★☆
Webceo99$/month & Free TrialAllround, Backlinks, Keywords, Monitoring, OnPage, ResearchWebAdvanced★★★★☆
Woorank50€/month & FreeAllround, Backlinks, Keywords, Monitoring, OnPage, Research, WDF*IDFWebBeginner★★★☆☆
Seopowersuite499€/month & FreeAllround, Backlinks, Keywords, OnPage, Research, WDF*IDFiOS, Linux, WindowsExpert★★★★★
Raventools109$/month & Free TrialBacklinks, Monitoring, OnPageWebBeginner★★★☆☆
Webbee15$/month & FreeOnPageiOS, WindowsAdvanced★★★☆☆
SERP Snippet GeneratorFreeDescription, Google, Meta, TitleWebBeginner★★★★☆
W3C Markup CheckerFreeCSS, HTML, OnPageWebAdvanced★★★☆☆
Uptimerobot6€/month & FreeMonitoring, Uptime, WebsiteWebBeginner★★★★☆
Leankoala79€/month & Free TrialMonitoring, Performance, Uptime, WebsiteWebExpert★★★★★
Statuscake20€/month & FreeMonitoring, Performance, Uptime, WebsiteWebAdvanced★★★★☆
Hallanalysis Generator FreeGenerator, JSON-LD, SchemaWebBeginner★★★★☆
Schema GeneratorFreeGenerator, JSON-LD, SchemaWebBeginner★★★★☆
Google Markup HelperFreeGenerator, JSON-LD, SchemaWebBeginner★★★★☆
Google Schema TestingFreeCheck, JSON-LD, Schema, TestWebBeginner★★★★☆
Google Rich Media TestFreeMedia, Rich Snippet, Schema, TestWebBeginner★★★★☆
Robots.txt GeneratorFreeGenerator, Robots.txtWebBeginner★★★★☆
XML Sitemap Generator3$/month & FreeGenerator, Sitemap, XMLWebBeginner★★★★☆
XML Sitemap TestFreeSitemap, Test, XML, ValidatorWebBeginner★★★★☆
SSL Certificate TestFreeSSL, Test, CertificateWebBeginner★★★★☆
hreflang Generator FreeGenerator, hreflang, International Language, TagWebBeginner★★★★☆
Htaccess GeneratorFreeGenerator, Htaccess, Redirect, RewriteWebAdvanced★★★★☆
Google Mobile TestFreeMobile, Test, WebsiteWebBeginner★★★★☆
Responsive TestFreeResponsive, Test, WebsiteWebBeginner★★★☆☆
Bing WebmastertoolsFreeOnPage, Backlinks, Research, StatisticsWebAdvanced★★★★☆
Yandex MetricaFreeBacklinks, Usability, Heatmap, Research, StatisticsAndroid, iOS, WebAdvanced★★★★★
Similar Web199$/month & FreeAnalysis, Competition, ResearchWebBeginner★★★★☆
Mixpanel999$/Jahr & FreeA/B, Usability, StatisticsAndroid, iOS, WebAdvanced★★★★☆
WortligaFreeAnalysis, Keywords, TextWebBeginner★★★★☆
Textanalyse ToolFreeAnalysis, Keywords, TextWebBeginner★★★★☆
SchreiblaborFreeAnalysis, Keywords, TextWebBeginner★★★★☆
Seolyze40€/month & Free TrialAnalysis, Keywords, Monitoring, OnPage, Text, WDF*IDFWebAdvanced★★★☆☆
CopyscapeFreeContent, Duplicate, Plagiarism, SearchWebBeginner★★★★☆
Duden RechtschreibprüfungFreeSpelling, TextWebBeginner★★★★☆
Dynomapper49$/month & Free TrialArchitecture, Creation, Generator, Planning, Sitemap, VisualWebAdvanced★★★★☆
WriteMaps15$/month & FreeArchitecture, Creation, Generator, Planning, Sitemap, VisualWebBeginner★★★★☆
Xmind115€ & FreeArchitecture, Creation, Mindmap, Planning, VisualiOS, WindowsBeginner★★★★☆
GephiFreeAnalysis, Network, Link, Visual, PagesiOS, Linux, WindowsExpert★★★★☆
Karma Keyword ToolFreeKeyword, ResearchWebBeginner★★★☆☆
Amazon BestsellerFreeArticle, Product, ResearchWebBeginner★★★★☆
SERP Preview ToolFreeDescription, Google, Meta, TitleWebBeginner★★★★☆
BoardReaderFreeForum, Research, SearchWebBeginner★★★☆☆
Ranking SpyFreeKeyword, Position, Ranking, SERP, Search EngineWebBeginner★★★☆☆
WhatsMySERPFreeKeyword, Position, Ranking, SERP, Search EngineWebBeginner★★★★☆
Antranks19$/month & Free TrialKeyword, MonitoringWebBeginner★★★☆☆
SearchlatteFreeInternational, Keyword, Position, Ranking, SERP, Search EngineWebBeginner★★★★☆
I Search FromFreeInternational, Keyword, Local, Position, Ranking, SERP, Search EngineWebBeginner★★★★★
Website Penalty IndicatorFreeCheck, Domain, PenaltyWebBeginner★★★☆☆
Panguin ToolFreeCheck, Domain, PenaltyWebAdvanced★★★★★
Keword CombinerFreeKeyword, ResearchWebAdvanced★★★★☆
SEO Backlink ToolFreeBacklinks, ResearchWebAdvanced★★★★★
Monitorbacklinks24€/month & Free TrialBacklinks, Monitoring, ResearchWebAdvanced★★★★☆
SEOQuakeFreeOnPage, Backlinks, StatisticsBrowserBeginner★★★☆☆
MozBarFreeOnPage, Backlinks, StatisticsBrowserBeginner★★★☆☆
LighthouseFreeOnPage, Performance, Progressive Web App, PWABrowserAdvanced★★★★☆
SEO-DashboardFreeOnPage, Backlinks, StatisticsBrowserAdvanced★★★★☆
Link Redirect TraceFreeOnPage, Backlinks, StatisticsBrowserBeginner★★★☆☆
SeerobotsFreeMeta, Robots, Index, FollowBrowserBeginner★★★☆☆
User-Agent SwitcherFreeUser-Agent, SwitcherBrowserBeginner★★★☆☆
Fat RankFreeKeyword, Position, Ranking, SERP, Search EngineBrowserBeginner★★★☆☆
Check my LinksFreeBroken, Links, CheckerBrowserBeginner★★★☆☆
Yellow Lab ToolsFreeCheck, Code, Optimization, Page Speed, PerformanceWebAdvanced★★★★☆
Meta Tag AnalyzerFreeAnalyzer, Meta, TagsWebBeginner★★★★☆
GlooMapsFreeArchitecture, Creation, Generator, Planning, Sitemap, VisualWebBeginner★★★★☆
Yandex Sitemap ValidatorFreeSitemap, Test, XML, ValidatorWebBeginner★★★★☆
Website Privacy CheckFreeCookies, DSGVO, GDPR, Privacy, Tracking, ScannerWebAdvanced★★★★☆
GA CheckerFreeAdWords, Analytics, Checker, DoubleClick, Optimize, Google Tag Manager, WebBeginner★★★☆☆
Word2CleanHTMLFreeGenerator, HTML, Text, WordWebBeginner★★★★★
StartpageFreeAnonymous, Google, Search, SearchWebBeginner★★★★★
HTTP2 ProFreeALPN, HTTP/2, Server-pushWebBeginner★★★★★
KeyCDN HTTP2FreeALPN, HTTP/2, NPNWebBeginner★★★★★
Keyword ToolsFreeKeyword, Position, Ranking, SearchWebBeginner★★★★☆
BatchspeedFreeOptimization, Page SpeedWebBeginner★★★★★
Load Time TesterFreeOptimization, Page Speed, WorldWebBeginner★★★★☆
Uptrends Website Speed FreeOptimization, Page SpeedWebBeginner★★★★☆
Dotcom ToolsFreeOptimization, Page Speed, WorldWebBeginner★★★★☆
Wincher6€/monthKeyword, MonitoringWebBeginner★★★★★
Critical Path CSS GeneratorFreeCSS, Generator, Optimization, Style SheetsWebAdvanced★★★★☆
Speedcurve20$/month & Free TrialOnPage, Optimization, Page Speed, User Experience, UXWebExpert★★★★☆
Robots Analyzer by YandexFreeRobots.txt, Checker, AnalyzerWebAdvanced★★★★☆
Robots.txt CheckerFreeRobots.txt, Checker, AnalyzerWebBeginner★★★★★
Disavow GeneratorFreeBacklinks, Disavow, Generator, Google Search Console, GSCWebAdvanced★★★★★
Google DisavowFreeDisavow, Google, Search Console, GSCWebAdvanced★★★★★
Open Graph GeneratorFreeGenerator, OG, Open GraphWebAdvanced★★★★★
JitBit SSL CheckFreeContent, HTTP, HTTPS, Mixed, Secure, SSL, TestWebBeginner★★★★☆
Missing PadlockFreeContent, HTTP, HTTPS, Mixed, Secure, SSL, TestWebBeginner★★★★★
Hreflang Testing ToolFreeCheck, Hreflang, Language, ApracheWebBeginner★★★★★
SquooshFreePicture, Photo, JPG, Compression, Optimization, PNG, WebPWebBeginner★★★★★
ByteCheckFreeCheck, Speed, Time To First Byte, ttfbWebBeginner★★★★★
Server Header CheckerFreeHeader, Server, Test, WebsiteWebBeginner★★★★☆
Spider Test ToolFreeIndex, Search, Spider, TestWebBeginner★★★★☆
Mobi ReadyFreeMobile, Test, WebsiteWebAdvanced★★★★☆
Webcode GeneratorFreeGenerator, JSON-LD, SchemaWebBeginner★★★★☆
Jamesdflynn GeneratorFreeGenerator, JSON-LD, SchemaWebBeginner★★★★☆
Technicalseo Generator (JSON-LD)FreeGenerator, JSON-LD, SchemaWebBeginner★★★★☆
Social Media OptimizerFreeCheck, Google Rich Snippets, Markup, Open Graph Protocol, Schema, Twitter CardsWebAdvanced★★★★★
SerpsimFreeDescription, Google, Meta, TitleWebBeginner★★★★★
FlangFreeCheck, Hreflang, LanguageWebBeginner★★★★☆
Expert SSLFreeSSL, Test, CertificateWebBeginner★★★★★
Site Audit by Neil PatelFreeAudit, Check, OnPageWebBeginner★★★★★
FAQ Rich Snippet / Strukturierte Daten GeneratorFreeFAQ, Generator, JSON-LD, Markup, Rich Snippet, SchemaWebBeginner★★★★★
TechnicalSEO Markup GeneratorFreeGenerator, JSON-LD, Markup, Rich Snippet, SchemaWebBeginner★★★★★
HTTP StatusFree301, 404, 500, Check, HTTP, Statuscode, RedirectionWebBeginner★★★★★
Also AskedFreeQuestions, Keywords, ResearchWebBeginner★★★★☆
Search Analytics for SheetsFreeBackup, Excel, Export, Google, Search Console, SheetsWebAdvanced★★★★★
Exploding TopicsFreeContent, Discover, Topics, TrendsWebBeginner★★★★☆
SERP SimulatorFreeDescription, Generator, Google, Meta, SERP, TitleWebBeginner★★★★★
Octopus7$/month & FreeBuilder, Generator, Layout, Sitemap, VisualWebAdvanced★★★★☆
ThruuuFreeAnalyze, Content, Google, Meta, SERP, TitleWebAnfänger★★★★☆
hreflang Tags Testing ToolFreeCheck, hreflang, International, Language, TagWebAnfänger★★★★☆
hreflang validatorFreeCheck, hreflang, International, Language, TagWebAnfänger★★★★☆
hreflang checkerFreeCheck, hreflang, International, Language, TagWebFortgeschritten★★★★★
SeoptimerFreeAnalyze, Checker, H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6, Header, Tag, TitleWebAnfänger★★★★☆
RushaxFreeAnalyze, Checker, H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6, Header, Tag, TitleWebAnfänger★★★★★
WordcounterFreeAnalyze, Keywords, Text, WordsWebAnfänger★★★★☆
Core Web Vitals ComparisonFreeAnalyze, Check, CLS, Comparison, Competition, Core Web Vitals, FID, LCP WebAdvanced★★★★★
Bing robots.txt TesterFreeRobots.txt, Checker, AnalyzerWebBeginner★★★★☆
JavaScript Rendering CheckFreeAnalyze, Check, HTML, JavaScript, Sourcecode, RenderingWebBeginner★★★★☆
UnusedCSSFreeCSS, Optimization, Style SheetsWebAdvanced★★★★☆
Bulk Web VitalsFreeAnalyze, Bulk, CLS, Core Web Vitals, FID, LCPWebAdvanced★★★★☆
Open GraphFreeCheck, Meta, OG, Open GraphWebBeginner★★★★☆

You can’t find a search engine optimization program in the table or have a suggestion for correction? Then please write me an e-mail or contact me on FB or Twitter.

Note: The star rating is a subjective review of the programs and software, which I (Elias Lange) have made to the best of my knowledge and belief. Nevertheless, everyone should form their own opinion and try out the SEO tools for free.


What is a SEO Tool?

SEO-Tools are programmes or SaaS services which help you with search engine optimization and perform in-depth analysis of your website. On the basis of the analysis and data obtained, you will get the ACTUAL status (status quo) of your website with possible improvement potentials to optimize your pages for a better ranking in search engines.

On this SEO Tools website I will show you the best free and commercial SEO tools with which you can analyze and successfully optimize your website. With the presented SEO-Tools you can efficiently identify improvement potentials and then implement them on your website for a sustainable positioning in the SERPs of search engines.

Why use SEO Tools?

Studies show that 90 percent of Internet users use search engines to find services, products or information. Of these, 80 percent only look at the first search results page and 70 percent only at the first three results among the advertisements. Therefore it is important that a website is found as high up as possible in the search results. With SEO / search engine optimization this can be achieved.

There is the so-called OnPage and OffPage optimization. The OnPage-optimization includes, among other things, the structure of the website, loading times, headlines, texts, images and relevant keywords, which in the best case correspond to the search terms of potential interested parties. Hardly anyone looking for an SEO agency will enter the term “bicycle shop” in Google to obtain the relevant information.

The OffPage optimization is mostly about the so-called link building and visibility. The more links to their own content the more relevant and better Google will evaluate these websites. Here, however, you should focus on high-quality backlinks instead of quantity and mass.

What are the best SEO Tools?

The best SEO tools can be found by searching for specific categories or keywords and then sorting the results by price or reviews. Recommendations:

How much do SEO Tools cost?

SEO Tools do not have to be expensive. For smaller websites, tools like Ryte or Seobility extensive OnPage analyses are made free of charge. With the gained information and data you get a good overview of the current state of a website with all its problems and potentials.

For large websites with more than 100 subpages or even websites that have been on the Internet for many years and have many backlinks, free SEO Tools can reach their limits. Because these are mostly limited in functionality and provide only limited information, such as the number of maximum crawlable websites or data on backlinks.

Free SEO Tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console or Bing Webmaster Tools can help here and provide a variety of useful reports and functions. Every Webmaster should use these tools for their websites and projects.

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